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The Mac mini is the only Mac besides the Mac Pro to ship without a keyboard, monitor or mouse, so you're on the hook to provide all that yourself or purchase it separately when you get your Mac mini. Many people buying the Mac mini end up recycling gear they're using with another computer, like an older Mac or a PC.

That's suitable if you plan to use your Mac mini as a media server, but you'll probably want something faster if you're using it as a 4K desktop display. Apple no longer includes an HDMI to DVI adapter in the box, so you're on the hook to get your own adapter to connect whatever display or displays — the Mac mini can support two of them through Thunderbolt you plan to use. OS X It favors flatter gradients but more vibrant translucency, condensed toolbars and more uniform icons, and a new system font in Helvetica Neue. Yosemite also brings Continuity which lets it AirDrop and Tether with iOS, call and SMS relay to transit iPhone communications, and Handoff, so you can move from working on your Mac mini to your iPad to your iPhone and back from right where you left off.

There's also Extensibility to make plugins more modern, updates to Mail and Safari, and much more. Apple's taken a page from its iMac playbook, introducing a stripped down entry-level system. That cheaper Mac mini uses a 1. It'll be well-suited for general users who have modest performance expectations from their Mac — checking e-mail, surfing the web, using the software included with the Mac. Many people using Mac minis as business computers will be just fine with this less-expensive configuration.

The mid-range model bumps up the processor to 2. Graphics get a bit of a boost, too, using the Iris integrated graphics design. The high-end model gets a 2. It's the best of both worlds — the speed of a flash drive, the capacity of a regular hard drive. This is the model that I tested for the purposes of this review. The Mac mini is a solid upgrade for those coming from PCs or older Macs. If you're on a tight budget or if you've invested in a great keyboard, mouse and monitor that you're perfectly happy with, the Mac mini can help you get the most out of your money.

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Apple's decision to make the Mac mini's memory non-upgradeable isn't sitting well with folks who have long appreciated the chance to save a few bucks by doing it themselves, and I have to acknowledge their point. The Mac mini has always been a budget-friendly computer, and we've taken for granted for the past few Mac mini design iterations that we can save even more cash by easily bumping up the RAM if we needed to. I recognize Apple's too, however — this simply isn't a big deal for many of the people who buy Macs these days.

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But I do strongly recommend that you consider how much memory you'll need before you order your Mac mini. In the hierarchy of the Macintosh, the Mac mini is easy to overlook.

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It doesn't have the sex appeal of the sleek iMac, the raw processing power of the Mac Pro or the sleek sophistication of the Retina MacBook Pro. Those who give it short shrift are ultimately cheating themselves, however. The Mac mini is a fantastic workstation that's versatile, efficient and now better than ever thanks to an upgrade that's brought the system in line with in its counterparts, keeping what's great about the Mac mini already.

But this new Mac mini is light years ahead of where it was nine years ago. If you're buying your first Mac, or just don't want to spend a lot of money, the Mac mini is definitely worth checking out. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Which is great. But some people are getting a free year even without buying anything.

Apex Clean Energy has announced that Apple, along with eBay, Samsung and Sprint have formed a joint agreement to purchase power from its brand new wind farm in Crockett County, Texas.

Mac Mini 2014 Review: A Terrible Shame

Apple announced its AirPods Pro on October From the front, the Mac mini looks identical to the model, which is to say tastefully featureless. The FireWire port has gone, however, replaced by a second Thunderbolt port, and both connectors now support the faster Thunderbolt 2 standard.

Apple Mac Mini (2014) review: Everything you need to know

The other changes introduced with the new mini are even less conspicuous, but arguably more significant. One positive improvement is a wireless upgrade from Your processor options have been updated too, from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. The mid-range 2. Processor : Dual-core 2. Buy the Mac Mini now from Currys. The Mac Mini has always been a popular choice for those either looking for their first OS X system, or for anyone that wanted to use their own monitors but didn't fancy the expense of the Mac Pro.

After a few years waiting for a new model, the Mac Mini is here.


It may not be cheap, but in terms of design it's great. The new Mac Mini uses the same chassis as its predecessor, so it gets no complaints from us there. Encased in a 36mm thick aluminium unibody chassis, it's a sleek and elegant system. The Mini is made from a single block of aluminium and it shows through the lack of joins and its beautiful curved edges. It's for this reason that we tend to place this computer on the edge of the desk with the rear pointing sideways so that the SD card slot is easily accessible. The new Mac Mini now also includes built-in Our personal preference is the Apple USB keyboard , which has a numeric keypad and a more spacious layout than the wireless version.

Apple Mac mini

We completely recommend the Magic Trackpad, as it gives you gesture shortcuts that make navigating OS X so much faster and easier. You are able to configure the Mac Mini starting with a dual-core 1. At the other end is a dual-core 2.